Diabetes In Dogs

Pet Diabetes is not a death sentence. Please know that pet diabetes is a treatable disease. The number of dogs diagnosed with diabetes mellitus has increased three-fold in thirty years. In survival rates from almost the same time, only 50% survived the first 60 days after diagnosis and went on to be successfully treated at home. Currently, diabetic dogs receiving treatment have the same expected lifespan as non-diabetic dogs of the same age and gender.Your donation can be the difference between euthanization and saving a life~





The initial shock and fear upon hearing your canine has diabetes will be overwhelming. Diabetes is treatable and your now "sugarbaby" can live a normal, happy, healthy life. Diabetes is not a death sentence! Some people might ask "Should I put my pet to sleep" depending on the age of the pet..... Hopefully not if the overall health of your pet is good. Many older pets have been diagnosed with diabetes and with commitment and loving care, they have lived many more years. DEFINITELY not just because they have been diagnosed with Diabetes.


Caring for a Diabetic Canine takes a very strong commitment from the owner/caregiver. A very high level of care must be given to your pet on a daily basis. Medication, testing BG levels, change in diet and feeding schedule, and behavior watching will become the new normal. You will have to make arrangements for someone to care for your pet if you leave for the a day or more. You will have to learn all about Diabetes so when your Vet is not available you will be comfortable making necessary decisions to best help your Sugarbaby when emergencies arise. It is extremely important that you locate a Vet that is very familiar with Diabetes and you are both on the same page. Every pet is different and responds differently to any given treatment. The decision to care for a pet with diabetes is a huge commitment but also a very rewarding challenge. Whatever decisions you make on behalf of your pet it is based on love and achieving the best possible outcome for your pet.


You would not inject yourself with a drug that could kill you before knowing how much insulin to give!

Learning about diabetes can be overwhelming, intimidating and each pet is different. There is much to learn about the various aspects of diabetes and its treatment. Finding a good support group where you will have plenty of education not to mention experiences and emotional support from hands on teachers will be invaluable. If you don’t understand something don’t be afraid to ask questions.... It could save your pups life.

I would like to point out that caring for a diabetic pet can be frustrating and emotionally stressful. You feel bad about upsetting or hurting your pet by testing, giving injections, feeding a new diet, changing feeding schedules etc. Changes are difficult and there will be an adjustment but know that these are life-saving necessities and will soon become part of daily life for you and your pet. The bond between you and your pet will most definitely become stronger. By making the decision to care for a pet with diabetes you are taking on a huge, but very rewarding challenge. There is a lot to learn and do so be patient with yourself. Whatever decisions you make for the care of your pet, a decision based on love and the welfare of your pet is the best decision for everyone.

I was fortunate enough to find a wonderful & caring support group that has help me and countless others 24/7 save the lives of our sugarbabies in case of emergencies when Vets are not available. They can be found on FB @



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